Height access concept


Our height access concept - a coordination process in four phases
  1. Examination of the planning status: Our engineers create a detailed job requirements and specifications for your project or building.
  2. Design and definition of the height access system: Based on your requirements, our experience and the current regulations of the BG and in accordance with the international associations for Rope Access (internationalen Fachverbandes für seilunterstützte Höhenzugangsverfahren) a height access methodology and system will be individually tailored.
  3. Planning: This involves the creation of technical drawings, and, if required, the construction of additional components, including the creation of static analysis and evidence.
  4. Installation / Assembling: After completion of the planning, the height access system will be implemented by our specialists.


A few of the many advantages
  • Individual adjustment of our concept to carefully meet each specific need.
  • Maximum flexibility, quality and speed
  • High cost efficiency
  • Minimum cost,  with maximum efficiency
  • Development of the entire structure
  • Designed for temporary or permanent uses

With the early involvement of our specialists during the planning phase, we develop completely new possibilities and solutions for you! And even in advanced planning stages, we can effectively implement a height access concept.

Practical Example

Military History Museum in Dresden

During the renovation of the Military History Museum in Dresden, Nawrocki Alpin performed the planning (construction), the creation and assembly of a system (height access concept), which enabled complete access to the exhibition halls through the use of rope access techniques.

Military History Museum of the German Armed Forces, Dresden