Safety coordination

Whether working on site or during the planning phase of construction projects
  • We are always aware of the latest job protection laws and Industrial Safety and Health guidelines (occupational safety guidelines), which we consider when developing a risk analysis and a specific rescue plans for emergencies.
  • We prepare a requirements specification profile for the equipment to be used by our rope access technicians. 
  • On site we perform all security coordination measures, including training and instruction of workers and staff, as well as the necessary written documentation.
  • In addition, we design and install protection and security systems against falls from heights during construction periods, such as safety nets, lifelines and fall protection.
Practical example - Television Tower Berlin

As part of the 2006 Soccer World Cup, Nawrocki Alpin executed the transformation of the emblematic TV Tower into a soccer ball by developing and implementing the corresponding security coordination. 
Specifically tailored for the construction site, a risk analysis and all safety guidelines were developed and implemented: protection and security systems, rescue plans, instruction guidelines and complete documentation of the project.
Client: Telekom AG
TV Tower Berlin - World Cup foil cladding