13.05.2020 - Wind Energy
Photo Documentation of rotor blades while wind turbines in operation

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13.05.2020 - Engineering technology
Köbögen Düsseldorf

Checking of the anchor points as well as the complete cleaning of all cuts by Nawrocki Alpin.

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13.05.2020 - Training
Nawrocki- Course offers

Our courses are all available from now on. All current course dates can be found on our website. Attention our Maßnahmennummer has been updated: 955-500-2020

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12.05.2020 - Work at heights
Radarturm Tempelhof

Execution of all refurbishment work on the radar tower Tempelhof, Berlin

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09.11.2019 - Engineering technology
30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

30 years of peaceful revolution A wave of 30,000 messages, hopes and memories extending from the Straße des 17. Juni to the Brandenburg Gate. An installation in cooperation with "Kulturprojekte" and "Poetic Kinetics".

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18.03.2019 - Work at heights
Paneling of the new Glockenturm

3 banners with a total weight of 1.464 kg, total area 2.250m². For the European Athletics Championships from August 07 to 12, 2018.

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18.03.2019 - Wind Energy
New branding wind turbines

New branding for wind turbines of the company Prokon.

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