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RomotionCam™ South Africa Tour 2022

We successfully completed a 7 day Proof of Concept tour in South Africa. Meeting with various Operators and Manufacturers, we are now happy to announce we will be extending our services and operations to the South African market and the African market.

The RomotionCam™ benefits customers by performing blade inspections with a 360-degree view of the blades, providing high-resolution images and a report on the condition of the blades while they remain in operation.


  • The RomotionCam™ provides high-resolution images of the pressure side and suction side, as well as the trailing and leading edges.
  • The RomotionCam™ image metadata can be made available for integration into the customer's database if required.
  • The RomotionCam™ report provides an overview of the damage of each sheet and also provides information on size and radial position.
  • The RomotionCam™ can inspect 5 to 10 wind turbines per day with any blade length at high wind speeds and speeds up to 25 rpm.