Documentation of state

The rotor blade inspection

We create and optimize maintenance plans: according to specific circumstances and demands, we work in cooperation with operators, manufacturers and other service companies (machine side) in order to maintain the desired condition with minimal downtime. 

The actual state is determined by a rotor blade inspection. Subsequently, the client will receive written documentation including pictures of the observed damage. In addition he receives de-tailed recommendations for necessary repair work and their degree of urgency.

According to requirements, the inspection is differentiated between:

  • Large inspection – Assessment by visiting and scanning directly on the blade. The height access will be done whether through rope access techniques or a mobile working platform.
  • Small inspection - Assessment by inspection from the ground by means of binoculars and camera with telephoto lens or with the use of a drone. These procedures are frequently used due to the relatively low costs and also can be programed as a long-term monitoring.

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Tower and nacelle inspection

It is especially advisable to carry out an inspection on the steel towers on a regular basis. Here we give special attention to the condition of the welding joints.  Likewise, we make sure to inspect for damage the nacelle housing from the outside.

We additionally offer to control the approach lights of the tower.