Training, education, examination

Nawrocki Alpin provides realistic training and education of your service technicians

These include the professional association required safety and rescue techniques on wind tur-bine generators (WTG), courses for Rope Access and Positioning Technology (SZP Level 1-3), the Personal Protective Equipment against falls training (PSAgA) and the professional examination for PSA. The training for rescuing in confined spaces is a brand new service that we offer today as part of our training program. For the wind power industry we offer specific modules that focus on the interior of the rotor blade and the nacelle (engine room).     In cooperation with the customer we can also develop an optimal and cost-effective training program - tailored to the specific characteristics of the plant configuration, and if desired object-specific at your plant site.

Here you can find further information about our training offer.

Furthermore, we are an authorized dealer for all types of personal protective equipment. Based on your individual needs, we advise and provide you with customized offers. 
In addition, we offer regular technical inspection of all rope access components, personal fall protection equipment and fall protection systems and restraint systems.