Become an rope access technician

As a FISAT certified training company, Nawrocki Alpin trains and educate through our own developed courses, professional rope access and climbing techniques to conduct various tasks at great heights and great depths year round in our Berlin Training Centre. We offer the following courses; rope access (FISAT Level 1, 2 and 3), use of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) regarding DGUV regulations and the annual refresher courses. All of our training and safety guidelines are performed in accordance with FISAT, the German Association for Rope Access Techniques. The successfully completed training will be certified by FISAT identifying you as a rope access technician.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and expertise. Take the chance to become a rope access technician, and be part of a fast growing industry with a wide range of application possibilities.

Dates & Registration

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  • Constructel
  • FRITZ JAHN Building Service
  • Global Energy Services
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